Barb Dawson


Palisades, CA

47 Years in the Bu! Mid Century Ceramics, Remington Bronze, Surf Boards, Vintage Hawaiian Shirts!

After 47 years, couple is moving to Hawaii! They're leaving behind three koi ponds, a superb totem fountain, a large collection of vintage Hawaiian shirts (most from the 1980s and several from the 1950s), a Remington bronze, vintage African Tuareg bags, ceramics by Jake Gilson, a solid wood (no nails) dining table with 14 chairs, posters, surf boards including an 8' by Stewart and one by Merrick, stand up paddle boards, carved Balinese bench, outdoor furniture, dozens of vintage buoys, lobster traps, and an original illustration by famed turn-of-the-last century illustrator Howard Christie.  Plus there's a room full of ladies summer clothing, costume jewelry, numerous books, CDs, kitchen and so much more.  

For safety's sake, please park on the west side of PCH and don't attempt to cross the highway on foot.