Barb Dawson


Palisades, CA

Crestwood Hills Mid Century Furniture, Listed Art, Native Ceramics. A lifetime collection!

This multi-level mid-century architectural gem, tucked away in

a secluded cul de sac overlooking Brentwood's fabled Crestwood Hills,

was the home of a woman gifted with a tasteful discerning eye. The house 

is filled with mid-century modern furniture including pieces by Glenn of California,

Bill Stephens for Knoll, Merton Gershun for Dillingham.  The owner was an

avid collector of southwestern art including R.C. Gorman, contemporary 

ceramics including works by Jesus Quezada and Carl Witkop.  There's a variety

of native and abstract sculptures, art glass, abstract landscape oil by Rinaldo

Paluzzi, original photographs by Hella Hammid, works by James Wilson Rayen,

Francisco Sanarbria, Lovis Corinta, Adja Yunkers, Ghina Choate and Jose Luis Cuevas. 

Added features include Native American jewelry, rugs and wall hangings, art books, cook

books, academic tracts,  books on psychiatry, fiction plus CDs. Household goods including

high end electronics and speakers, a wide variety of mature and blooming outdoor plants.

decorative garden sculptures, Brown Jordan patio furniture and kitchen and dining

items, i.e. small appliances, Dansk flatware, dishes, pots, pans and cookware. This is  fun

and wonderful retreat to visit and celebrate the Fourth Anniversary of our previous Leap Year!!

Hope to see you.


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