Barb Dawson


Palisades, CA

Famed Historian's Library & Collectibles!

This highly unusual sale features the original early library of Hayden 

White, a renown historian, author and educator.  Chief among the contents

is his extensive collection of original tomes, books, tracts,

essays that date back to the 16th and 17th centuries.  Vellum covered

editions cover Catholic dogma and other Jesuit topics.  19th and 20th century works cover

a wide range of cultural and historical topics in German, Italian, French

as well as English, and date from White's days as a Fulbright Scholar in

Italy through his tenure at UCLA.  The library also includes many of White's own

works, art books and an extensive array of vintage paperbacks. 

White died just over a year ago.


The sale also includes collectible art, Russian icons, ceramics, sculptures and

artifacts, some dating back to early classical eras. House includes

furniture, furnishings, antique mirrors, antique tapestries,

large and small amphoras with stands, museum bronze replicas,

Italian hand painted pottery, stone columns, numerous antique rugs,

vintage patio sets, planters and classic designer clothes by

Chanel; Armani and Adolfo. 


More photos and details to come!