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About - Who We Are

Barbara Dawson has been going to and running estate and moving sales

since she arrived in Los Angeles 35-plus years ago. In New York City, where

she was born and raised, she and husband Tom, would spend Saturday

mornings “antique-ing” up and down Second and Third Avenues. During their

first week in L.A., they wandered into their first estate sale. And...pursuing that 

"culture phenomenon"  became a weekly parallel to their former Manhattan

antique shop meanderings. Barbara was hooked. So much so, that when she wasn't

going to them, she was giving her own or helping friends do theirs. Eventually,

she started her own full time business and took a small ad in her local newspaper.

The day the ad appeared, she received six phone calls. Her phone hasn't stopped

ringing since.


Sale Types

We do estate, moving, re-decorating and down-sizing  sales throughout

the greater Los Angeles area. Our particular melieu is mostly on the West Side—

Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, Bel-Air, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, 

Mar Vista--but we have clients in Hollywood Handcock Park, the Hollywood

Hills and across the San Fernando Valley. We call ourselves "estate sale specialists"

but, as our motto suggests: “In every estate, there is a garage. And in every garage, there

is a treasure.” And "treasures" don't have to be valuable. Just salable! Not everybody

has a house full of antiques, art, silver, crystal and collectibles. But most do have

everyday household goods--i.e.furnishings, appliances, knick-knacks, clothes, jewelry, 

linens, books, records/DVDs/CDs, kitchen wares and utensils, tools, plants, etc.

We have the flexibility and expertise to handle all kinds of sales, large and small.

We thrive on variety!  And "eclecticism"! The more eclectic, the better!



Ours is a total turn-key operation. We do the labor, start to finish.

When we come into your home, we work out the sale-area logistics 

with you; research, clean, display, merchandise and price all items for sale;

market, advertise and conduct the sale. After the sale, we will

itemize unsold merchandise, pack it up for storage and/or charitable

donation and provide you with a written record for your personal file

and/or possible tax-deductible purposes. The client has no clean up

or mess to contend with. We leave the premises broom-clean!


No Surprises

All sales are conducted on a fixed-fee or straight commission basis.

There are no added costs or hidden expenses, no extras, no surprises.

We provide and pay for all labor, advertising, supplies and sale-related

equipment and accessories. We market our sales via our own Web Site,

private E-mail Lists, internet advertising and neighborhood web sites,

Craig's List, fliers and word of mouth.  We post signs (where permitted) in 

and around the sale neighborhood and remove them immediately after the

sale. We provide net proceeds and receipts, within 14-18 days of the sale.


Our Success

Credit for our success is due in large part to our crew — a hand-picked group 

of knowledgeable, dependable, courteous, hard-working individuals. They are,

above all, people-oriented, caring and sensitive to the needs and feelings of clients

and customers alike. They all go the extra mile. We are a tight-knit team. We share

a relationship based on loyalty, longevity, mutual respect and humor.

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The whole story… We try harder”
“Your Professional Team”

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